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Great video to help you get started on gliding!!



I love hip hop!


hip hop dance video ^^

A dance video taken from vibez.sg

I can foresee them becoming a great dancer in the future!

Here is a dance video for you guys,

I have to say that it is a great dance performance!

Never get tired of watching it again and again 🙂

This kid is gifted!

An impressive dance! and he is only a small kid

Dance the essence of my root

Well dancing to some might be just only a form of entertainment which involves the movement of our body however dance is to me is so much more. I see dance as more of an arts rather than just the literal meaning of it. You have to move and coordinate towards the rhythm or the beats of the music. At first it may seem to be a daunting task however after getting used to it, you will start to appreciate the dance itself and incorporate your own dance styles and come out with your dance routines. When you begin doing so your emotions and feelings will get into the dance.

Dance does portray one’s soul, if you happen to be in a dance classes you can notice that most of the dancer are very passionate and their dance always seem to be telling you a something. Well that’s a saying a picture is worth a thousand words” and in this case I will say “a dance show a thousand feelings”. In a hip hop dance which usually is performed with swift movement of the body, it requires high level of concentration to coordinate the moves and it definitely poses challenge to the dancer. However when one manage to surpass their ability it is a strong encouragement to them.

In simpler term I dance to impress and dance to express myself

Greetings to all!

Hey there people! Kevin here, I am a dancer for several years. Just started my blogging journey here. I created this blog to share some of my experiences with dancing and also hope to inspire my fellow mates who are passionate about dance.

When I was only a 10 years old I begin having interest in the different types of dance such as hip hop, jazz and even folk dance. I was first expose to dance when a friend of my parents who was also an amateur dancer did a small performance.  That was an eye-catching performance for me! Her movement is energetic and swift. I feel the soul and emotions in her step; every little step seems to be conveying a message to me.

I was so amused by the dance and I started to learn dancing by enrolling in hip hop dance classes. However I got to say I got to say I am not gifted in dancing or perhaps a slow learner in dancing. It took me several months to get my basic steps and my coordination right. Even though the time taken is long I never give up. I continue to enhance my skills in my free time by mimicking how the others dancing and constantly practicing. Sometimes I can practice a few hours straight without resting, it is tiring and also physically demanding.

Well if you are passionate in dancing, you should start learning now! Do not worry that if you feel too old for dancing as age is not an issue, it is never too late to pick up as a skill or a hobby. There are also tons of health benefits such as losing weight, staying fit and having a greater overall health condition. Of course you should start to dance slowly and do not push too far over your limit too.
Hope you are not bored by what I have wrote, see you again 😀