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Great video to help you get started on gliding!!



Learn ballroom dancing?

Before you start your hand at learning ballroom dancing, it is advisable to decide whether you need to learn ballroom dancing to participate at social events or whether you need to compete at it. This decision will direct you to discover the right ballroom dance institution. Social dancing courses are taught at college campuses over the USA. But it’s only some of the place you could look. There will be other less formal, but suitable ballroom dancing lessons in your city. Once you’ve enrolled at such ballroom dance sessions, have a good ballroom dance dress with appropriate shoes.

Learning dance lessons can be devastating for those without dance background. Keep in mind that we all have to get started on somewhere; this also will be your beginning. Don’t feel shy or intimated by the crowd stay focus on the dance steps taught. There a way around it as you see people dancing; observe their style and movements, this can give you an idea of how the dance steps are being executed and you may pick-up some things this way. You should only attempt harder dancing steps only after you are certain you’ve perfected principle techniques. It may help you will get comfortable after you set foot onto the party area.

While with a ballroom dance, it’s important you follow basic ballroom dancing etiquette. Don’t turn down a request to dance if you can’t avoid it. Accepting a dance if you’re asked is regarded as polite. If you must decline a ballroom dancing request, give a good reason like ‘having a break’ or “you promised to bop with a co-worker’ or ‘you are feeling unwell’. Also, should you be new to the dance in question, it’s best to sit it through and suggest joining the next dance. Whilst you aren’t compelled to go into detail yourself if you do not desire to dance, it is great manners if you do supply reasons. Being polite is always appreciated.

One last tip, when you learn ballroom dance is usually that the 1st step usually involves the male moving his left foot forward, while the lady moves her right foot back.

So you have finally decided to start dancing? However you have no idea of where to start or how to start?Well fear not as I going to share with you the different ways to go about for learning dancingDance picture

Dance videos – If you are a visual learner then this might be a very good way for you to learn dance. You get to see the person doing the different steps and observe how they manage to perform each step. With the internet being so robust today, you can easily find instructional video on popular video sharing site such as YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo and etc. There are tons of available resources on the net I’m sure you can find one!

Dance classes – Prefer learning as a group? Well then maybe you should go for some hip hop dance classes! Not only you will be able to learn and enjoy dance as a group you will be able to make friends and forge relationship.

Dance instructors – Perhaps you have trouble learning some of the more advance dance step? Fear not as there are many professional dance instructors that are able to help you in dealing with your difficulty in learning dance. They are well train and prepare to guide and assist you. If you have problem dealing with a particular dance routine or moves, do not be afraid to voice out your concerns

Dance club – Are you a student? Then  hurry and join your school dance club! It is exciting to find your fellow schoolmates who are also passionate in dance. The school dance club usually are manage by a group of students who are also as passionate in dance as you are hence It’s a good idea then you join the club. As you can easily get along with them  having the same common interest.

Greetings to all!

Hey there people! Kevin here, I am a dancer for several years. Just started my blogging journey here. I created this blog to share some of my experiences with dancing and also hope to inspire my fellow mates who are passionate about dance.

When I was only a 10 years old I begin having interest in the different types of dance such as hip hop, jazz and even folk dance. I was first expose to dance when a friend of my parents who was also an amateur dancer did a small performance.  That was an eye-catching performance for me! Her movement is energetic and swift. I feel the soul and emotions in her step; every little step seems to be conveying a message to me.

I was so amused by the dance and I started to learn dancing by enrolling in hip hop dance classes. However I got to say I got to say I am not gifted in dancing or perhaps a slow learner in dancing. It took me several months to get my basic steps and my coordination right. Even though the time taken is long I never give up. I continue to enhance my skills in my free time by mimicking how the others dancing and constantly practicing. Sometimes I can practice a few hours straight without resting, it is tiring and also physically demanding.

Well if you are passionate in dancing, you should start learning now! Do not worry that if you feel too old for dancing as age is not an issue, it is never too late to pick up as a skill or a hobby. There are also tons of health benefits such as losing weight, staying fit and having a greater overall health condition. Of course you should start to dance slowly and do not push too far over your limit too.
Hope you are not bored by what I have wrote, see you again 😀